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Technical support

    SAMYOUNG S&C’s capability to provide ‘Sensible Sensing Solutions‘ to customers stems from its specialty in
 fundamental research on measuring environments and long experience in the field applications working with
 customers in various industries.

  Sensor Technology   

   In 1990,
SAMYOUNG S&C developed and patented the synthetic polymer for humidity sensors and started mass
 production of resistive RH sensors.   This core technology of synthesizing polymer in-house was further improved 
 to enhance the scope of resistive RH sensor  (SYH-2R)  to industrial grade with wider operating temperature and
 higher reliability. Coupled with wafer fabricating capability, capacitive RH sensors were developed and patented in
 2003 making
SAMYOUNG S&C one of a few in the world who can supply sensor elements to sensor specialists.  
Our R&D efforts is not limited to inventing highly reliable and accurate humidity sensor  but  also focused on
 mass production of these lab quality sensors. A system-in-package temperature and humidity sensor :
 was introduced to  the market in 2010  and now widely used in smart appliances  and automotive applications
 where cost effective yet precision control was not possible otherwise. 
SAMYOUNG S&C’s expertise and technology
 in polymer based semi conductor sensors is now extended to developing environment, safety, and health related

  Measurement Technology

   Specializing in temperature and humidity sensors over 20 years, SAMYOUNG S&C accumulated extensive know-
 how and substantial expertise in measurement and calibration technology.  Our ‘Standards Laboratory’ is an
 independent division equipped with the state of art measuring system and facilities maintaining the world’s highest
 precision standards. This lab supports our customers with calibration, testing and gage R&R services, and provides
 consultation and design assistance for customers in building their own measurement and calibration system.
 Dedicated and expert engineers of over 50 years of experience altogether are also the backbone of developing
 mass measuring and automatic calibration system in house.

  Application Technology 

From the low cost sensors for consumer electronics to the highest precision sensors for meteorological and
 aerospace applications,
SAMYOUNG S&C designs, develops and manufactures full spectrum of temperature and
 humidity sensors.   Serving customers from various industries including smart phones & appliances, automotive,
 and medicals, we are always keen on working with customers providing sensing solutions at a reasonable cost
 affordable for their specific applications –
Sensible Sensing Solutions

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