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Humidity, as well as temperature, is an important and fundamental information for energy efficient control and environmental mornitoring.
SAMYOUNG S&C offers wide variety of Humidity Sensing Solutions to the customers in various industries at price Sensible for the applcation.
Resistive and Capacitive RH sensors detect relative humidity in different air conditions by changes of the electrical characteristics of polymer.
SAMYOUNG S&C produces both resistive and capacitive humidity sensors based on self developed and patented polymer.
Polymer formulation, Wafer fabrication, and subsequent Packaging are all done on site in-house, and every sensor is precisely measured with fully automated measuring system - an essence of SAMYOUNG S&C's 25 years of expertise in humidity.
Type Part No. Pictures Temp. Humidity Features
Resistive Sensor SYH-2R
-20~85℃ 20~90%RH

▶ Excellent Reliability

▶ Wide range of applications

▶ Water proof

▶ RoHS Compliant

▶ Interchangability